New effort seeks parents in fight for TV decency
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February 2002 – What one mom or dad might not be able to accomplish, AFA believes a million moms and dads can.

The AFA has launched two new services to give America’s families more muscle in reining in the television networks’ barrage of filth and violence. and began in late December registering concerned mothers and fathers who are willing once a week to E-mail their concerns to network, advertising and TV station executives. Here’s how it works:

Each week AFA will target an offending network, advertiser or television station.
 AFA will contact website members via E-mail with information about the particular week’s target, giving members a “take action” link on the website.
 Following instructions on the page, members will E-mail the responsible party voicing their concern.

“We’re only asking people to send one E-mail per week on behalf of our children,” AFA President Don Wildmon said. “Our aim is to register 1,000,000 moms and dads who will join with us in this effort. Often when you work alone, the networks, stations, sponsors and Federal Communications Commission ignore you. But can you imagine the clout you have by joining hands with one million other parents? The networks, sponsors and stations will no longer ignore you or laugh at you with contempt.”

Wildmon said participants concerned about privacy online can rest assured AFA will not be sharing the registration database or E-mail addresses.

To register with either of the AFA E-mail campaigns, concerned parents can go to or  undefined