Pro-family groups unite to promote ‘Marriage Protection Week’
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October 2003 – If America tosses aside the nearly two-thousand-year-old concept of traditional marriage in favor of embracing homosexual unions, it won’t be because pro-family groups sat idly by and did nothing. 

In fact, the month of August saw one of the most impressive gatherings of leaders from pro-family groups ever assembled – and with one goal in mind: stop same-sex marriage from becoming a reality.

“It was probably the largest meeting of pro-family groups ever held. It was certainly one of the most cooperative,” said AFA Chairman Don Wildmon. “We left with a plan of action and the willingness to work closely together to achieve our goal – and we will be enlarging the group. I am really excited to see the pro-family forces come together and work in harmony.”

Known as the Arlington Group, the pro-family representatives agreed to unify their efforts in promotion of “Marriage Protection Week,” which is scheduled for October 12-18. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage churches and their pastors to become involved in the battle to preserve traditional marriage.

In addition to AFA Chairman Don Wildmon, leaders attending the meeting included Gary Bauer, American Values; Joel Belz, World magazine; Bill Bennett and Seth Leibsohn, Empower America; Rich Bott, Bott Broadcasting; Bay Buchanan, American Cause; Phil Burress, Citizens for Community Values; James Dobson and Tom Minnery, Focus on the Family; Mark Early and Mike Snyder, Prison Fellowship; Mike Farris, Home School Legal Defense Association; Janet Folger, Faith2Action; Andrea Lafferty, Traditional Values Coalition; Richard Land, Southern Baptist Convention; Marlin Maddoux, USA Radio Network; Tony Perkins and Connie Mackey, Family Research Council; Sandy Rios, Concerned Women for America; Ron Shuping, INSP TV Network; Lori Waters, Eagle Forum; and Paul Weyrich, Free Congress Foundation.  undefined