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May 2005 – Families, churches, individuals and activist groups across the nation and in at least one European country are apparently renewing their efforts to get the truth out about the high personal cost of homosexuality. 

An AFA-produced video titled It’s Not Gay is selling at its fastest pace since it was introduced in 2000. AFA has spent no money promoting the video, according to AFA Chairman Don  Wildmon. 

“Word of mouth is the only explanation we can give as to why the video has started selling again, ” said Wildmon. 

The 25-minute video is an uncompromising yet compassionate look at the tragic consequences of the homosexual lifestyle. It features former homosexuals telling their own stories. The video has now been shown in over 10,000 churches.

A recent request came from Lithuania, where a group asked permission to translate it into Lithuanian and Russian and show it on TV stations in that region. 

“I assume they learned about it the same way many others did – word of mouth.  Or, they could have seen it on our Web site,” Wildmon explained. “That’s the kind of advertising you can’t pay for.”

The video is appropriate in several settings, Wildmon said. “It fits the time period for Sunday School class use or a short Bible study or even a mid-week worship service,” he stated. The video’s content is suitable for adults and older youth. 

It’s Not Gay is an unscripted documentary-style presentation. Medical and mental health professionals appear, as well as those who have left the homosexual lifestyle.

“These are real people telling their real stories of how they struggled to overcome the homosexual lifestyle,” Wildmon said.

 “With same-sex marriage in the news regularly, churches and other activists are finally realizing that homosexuality is a critical cultural issue,” he said. 

“There is a recognition that the issue isn’t going away and that Christians need to be educated about the political movement, as well as the devastating impact on individual lives.”  undefined

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