The power of one – AFA’s familiar refrain
Don Wildmon
Don Wildmon
AFA/AFR founder

March 2008 – We received an e-mail at the office a few days ago from a supporter in South Florida. It’s the kind of e-mail that keeps me going on days when I’m discouraged or would like to give up. He and his wife run a sales and service business. He’s the Cub Master for his son’s Cub Scout pack. And he’s running for Congress. He wrote:

I do not really consider myself a deeply religious man but I do believe in God and Jesus Christ. I receive your e-mails regularly and have sent e-mails when I have felt inspired by your words. I have e-mailed Ford Motor Company several times, once directly from their Web site. I wanted to see if I got a response; not yet.

I was just reading your article “What can one person do?” I felt that I needed to e-mail you. I am one of those who have felt compelled to run for political office as you suggest –  to see if one man can change things. I live in South Florida where liberal politics seem to rule. I have written my congressman several times about issues, some of which you alerted me to. My last letter to him was about HR 3685 – adding sexual orientation to the discrimination laws. His response was basically that we all need to be more tolerant. 

That was the final straw when I decided I was going to take his job if at all possible. I have never been in politics and frankly never considered it but I believe I can do a better job than this man is doing. The ongoing assault on Christianity nationwide and the systematic removal of God from everything really must be stopped. It will destroy the moral fiber of this country that I love.

I wanted to let you know that you are at least somewhat responsible for my pursuing this course of action, and I wanted to thank you for your continued efforts.

Through the years, I’ve written and spoken a lot about what one person can do in the culture war – cultivate a genuine concern, be informed, pray, be a faithful church member, support your pastor and urge him to address moral issues in your community, organize a social action task force in your church or neighborhood, write letters to the editor of local and regional newspapers, get involved in political campaigns, distribute literature, spend your money with moral responsibility. The list could go on and on. Be creative in finding ways to make a difference. 

I’ve always said we shouldn’t leave politics to the politicians. Our Florida friend is this month’s Exhibit A, a visible symbol that should motivate others to get involved.

Now, we’ve taken a look at his campaign Web site, and we don’t agree on every issue. Even so, I commend him for deciding that he needs to try to make a difference. I hope his example challenges you to get involved in politics at some level. If our Judeo-Christian culture is to survive, your community, your state and your nation need you.  undefined