Cultural polluters: see who’s guilty
Joy W. Lucius
Joy W. Lucius
Guest writer

December 2011 – Mark Twain understood the subtle difference between facts and truth when he told another writer, “Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.” Facts never lie, do they? Twain was a man before his time in that regard, since today’s instantaneous world of real-time, streaming, mass media can subvert truth with clever distortion of the facts. So, how can Christian consumers distinguish the truth amid the whirling, spinning facts disseminated by creative marketing and a politically correct cultural bent?

One Christian Web site,, is waging war in that arena by examining selected prominent, mainstream businesses with one objective of “uncovering the truth behind corporate America.” Monthly, the holdings, subsidiaries, and finances of one well-known company can be viewed and analyzed freely by any visitor to this site. Strictly educational, this site makes quick use of the viewer’s time and is simple to navigate. And best of all, the information is reliable.

An offspring of The Timothy Plan, is a must-see for Christian consumers desiring to be faithful stewards of their money. According to Arthur Ally, founder and president of The Timothy Plan, his company provides Bible-believing investors with the knowledge to invest their dollars in companies whose core beliefs line up with Christian moral principles.

“We don’t just believe in God,” Ally told AFA Journal. “We believe God.” That belief powered the extensive research his company gathered on American corporations during those years. This ever growing, ever changing mass of data was kept “in house” until recently, used to provide investors with sound advice on companies connected to products contributing to evil agendas contrary to biblical beliefs, explained Ally.

Unfortunately, Ally and others realized the moral fabric of American culture was continuing to “disintegrate and decline” despite their best efforts. The next logical step was to offer their storehouse of research and knowledge to the public. As the Bible puts it, God’s people “perish for a lack of knowledge,” and a vehicle was needed to shine the light of truth on corporate America. With the creation of an educational Web site using their research, Ally hoped Christians might investigate and discover the contradictions between the media images of these corporations and the financial truths behind the polished images. was the vehicle created to inform people who would otherwise have no way of knowing which companies support – or do not support – pornography, abortion, the gay activist agenda, gambling or other anti-Christian agendas.

Steve Ensley, president of BSafe Internet filter, assisted Ally in making the data accessible. His efforts to disseminate the massive research and present it in a timely yet informative manner culminated in a vibrant and practical Web site. He knew the site had to be user-friendly and time-conscious in its presentation of information so the average viewers using 15 minutes of their precious time would come back repeatedly. Ensley was successful on both counts.

One look at gives viewers an immediate summary of the fiscal values of the corporation currently spotlighted in the Web page center. To the right, in orderly sections, one can investigate products manufactured by that company and its subsidiaries. Viewers can also learn of anti-Christian lifestyles each company supports under a section called Pollutants. Further information on this company or another company that might have values conflicting with Christianity can be received through an e-mail request form.

Additionally, the site houses an easily accessible data base of all corporations previously spotlighted, companies such as Google, Sears, Campbell Soup and Home Depot. Each company receives the same intensive analysis, gathered through information from hundreds of companies. takes public information and makes it accessible to the public.

However, with knowledge comes responsibility. is not an activist site per se. The site does not instruct viewers to boycott the companies it cites. It simply passes along facts provided by these corporations, exposing the truth hidden within those facts.

The conviction that accompanies that truth now belongs to the viewers of Ally summed up the issue with these words: “If Christians, just Christians, would ever pattern their behaviors after their stated convictions and beliefs, then our culture would change.” And behind that statement is, in fact, the unvarnished truth.  undefined  877-634-2279 (toll free)