Confessions of a former abortion clinic nurse
Confessions of a former abortion clinic nurse
Anne Reed
Anne Reed
AFA Journal staff writer

May 2015 – I learned how to prepare women for procedures: to set out sterile instruments and turn on suction machines. And of course, I had to always be sure the little cloth drape was around the glass bottle that held the ‘products of conception’ after the suction abortion.

Another unfortunate staff member had the job of examining those bottles’ contents to be sure all the parts were there and nothing was retained in the patient’s uterus. A macabre jigsaw puzzle if you will. Gradually, I learned how to assist with ‘late cases,’ which at that time were from weeks 16 to 24. — Ann, former abortion clinic nurse
Ann, the oldest of four, grew up feeling loved and happy. Although her family regularly attended church, her parents supported the local Planned Parenthood. Ann thought every dad had porn magazines. And she assumed casual sex and abortion were just part of life.

She graduated with a registered nurse degree in 1981. A few years later, while living in Boulder, Colorado, she saw an ad for a family planning clinic nurse. She soon learned it was an abortion clinic, but because the location was convenient and the schedule was attractive, the decision to accept the job came easily.

In an interview with AFA Journal, Ann described the females she worked alongside in the abortion clinic as friendly, warm, and supportive. “It was a sisterhood,” she explained. “But the people inside abortion clinics don’t like themselves for what they are doing if they would be honest. They may have a tough exterior, but nurses are taught to not let things get to them – graphic and painful things.”

Although late-term abortions weighed heavily on the sisterhood, Ann continued to rationalize the practice: “Wasn’t it better for babies to go straight to heaven instead of being born to a mother who doesn’t want them?”

After leaving her two-year stint at the abortion clinic, Ann would occasionally allow herself to listen to Dr. James Dobson on the radio. Although his focus on the sanctity of human life annoyed her greatly, she kept listening. Her heart began to change when she gave birth to her first child in 1991, and radio sermons like “The Soul of America” by Dr. Lawrence L. White opened her eyes.

Ann is now a God-fearing, God-loving wife and mother of three, and she has attended retreats to help her heal from her past. She confessed:

While a childhood of exposure to pornography and societal brainwashing, turning sex from something sacred to a trivial act, played a major role, ultimately, I am responsible for allowing my tolerance of sinful behavior to reach a point where I became that of which I am now most ashamed: an abortion clinic nurse.

Sexual progressivism made its way into our lives via theaters and television. Movies I once thought of as innocent were injecting themes that questioned the importance of committed marriages as a way to make traditionalists feel old fashioned and foolish.

The human desire to belong to the collective group is powerful. No one wants to be the oddball, backwards person. In your desire to feel you belong, it is easy to be swept along with an idea you know in your heart is wrong.

Ann is now on a mission to educate others on the importance of establishing in our culture social mores that define the sacredness of our own bodies and lives. Without them, one easily leaps to a loss of respect and empathy for unborn human life.  undefined

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, Abby Johnson, a former abortion clinic director. 888-570-5501. Also, see “Snatched from the Fire,” AFA Journal, 11/13.

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