AFA VP says, ‘Stay engaged’
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January 2017 – Christians, like all Americans, have just finished an almost two-year slog through the presidential political process. Senators, representatives, governors, judges, school board members, and others were also elected.

“I know it’s difficult to think about returning to the fight,” said AFA executive vice president Ed Vitagliano, “but a single political season is not going to cure America’s deep spiritual sickness. Over the last five decades or more, the nation has been engulfed by a rebellion against God that has seeped into every institution in the land.”

Vitagliano said although the gospel of Christ is the only thing that can change a rebellious heart, “Laws are important because they teach people truth or error. Leaders point the way to more freedom or less. Judges make rulings that expand our capacity to preach the gospel or restrict it.”

He encourages concerned Christians to stay involved in the culture war utilizing AFA resources such as AFA action alerts, AFA’s blog The Stand (, American Family Radio, AFA Journal, and, AFA’s online news service.

“The battle continues to rage for the very soul of our nation,” he said. “Christians must stay engaged.”

For more insight read Vitagliano’s essay “The Leviathan state arises.”