UMC evangelicals urge return to Bible
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January 2017 – The Wesleyan Covenant Association, a new organization of evangelical United Methodists, has launched a move to call the denomination’s hierarchy back to biblical principles and orthodox Methodism rooted in the Word. In his opening sermon at a recent WCA convocation, the Rev. Kenneth Levingston (photo above), senior minister of Jones Memorial United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas, said the core of the UMC’s struggle is exhibited when men, women, and church leaders put other things in God’s place.

“Salvation without sacrifice is a false god,” Levingston said. “Sanctification without submission is a false god. Mercy and grace without truth and transformation are false gods. Social holiness without Scripture is a false god. Forgiveness without faithfulness is a false god. Redemption without renunciation of sin is a false god.”

goodnews email, 10/18/16