Loud and clear
Robert Youngblood
AFA assistant digital media editor

Jason Tross at his desk at AFA

July 2019 – “Mic check. 1-2. 1-2.”

The best message without clear sound may not be understood, and Jason Tross grasps the subtleties of hearing and delivering clear messages. In his life, those messages circle around the righteousness of God, not the righteousness of man.

Tross is an audio engineer for Urban Family Communications, a radio network division of American Family Association since 2013. “I just want to be used by God any way I can,” he said.

For 10 years, he worked in warehouses, where he learned humility and working as unto the Lord. But the work was wearing him down.

Tross was at an important crossroads in life. He was courting Sheryl. He had completed his audio engineer training. He had been looking for opportunities. Though he found some in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and other places, they were all secular companies. He was even willing to take a lower position than his training had prepared him for.

He was sitting in his car before a shift one evening when Abraham Hamilton III reached him by phone. Hamilton had led a Bible study in New Orleans where Tross worked – the same Bible study where Tross met Sheryl. In addition, Hamilton had played a major role in discipling Tross in his faith.

He heard a different message from Hamilton that evening. Previously, Tross had only a cursory awareness of AFA because a brother in Christ subscribed to AFA Journal. Now he discovered how AFA had established UFC, and UFC needed someone with his skills.

“UFC’s commitment to empowering families to become mature disciples and transforming urban communities resonated with me,” Tross said. God had already planted in him the desire to see youth and young adults set free from the lies of Satan so they can be directed to Jesus as Lord.

When he discussed it with Sheryl, she encouraged him to explore whether it was God’s will or not and then added, “Wherever the Lord sends you, He sends you.” However, she didn’t know Jason would move to Tupelo, Mississippi, in 2016 and then return later to propose in New Orleans! They married in 2017, and had a daughter, Taylor, in late 2018.

Tross said he desires to “love my wife like Christ loves the church” first, and then to lead by example “as we commit ourselves to the Lord and the discipleship of our daughter and future children as God wills it.”

Currently Tross is co-host of BSAC (Biblically Sound Artists Coalition) with Wil Addison, director of UFC. He is also board operator for UFC’s Hamilton Corner, and backup producer for The Awakening with Bishop E.W. Jackson and Stacy on the Right with Stacy Washington. UFC programs are on the air and online at urbanfamilytalk.com.

“He really gets the mission and is 100% on-board,” said Addision. “He’s quiet, but he gets it done with excellence.”

“You can count it as done when you ask Jason to do something,” added Hamilton. “He’s not trying to impress anyone; it’s something larger than work ethic. His mom, Sister Betty Tross, is a jewel in the faith. She and his dad, Phillip, exhorted him to understand that the way of transgression is hard, and obedience is not optional.”

Tross confirmed, “My parents were pivotal in ushering me into the faith at an early age. They made sure I understood the depth, the seriousness, and the responsibility of confession of Jesus as Lord and Savior.”

Jason Tross gets the 1-2 gospel message loud and clear: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. … and love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:30-31, NKJV). And he puts it into action every day.

“Mic check. 1-2. 1-2.”