Minutes in the morning
Minutes in the morning
Hannah Harrison
Hannah Harrison
AFA Journal staff writer

July 2021 – During the hustle and bustle of daily life, things often fall through the cracks. And unfortunately, if believers are not careful, sometimes that forgotten thing can be time spent in God’s Word. But one online ministry, First15, seeks to change that mentality and help individuals use their waking moments to grow in their relationship with the Lord. First15’s brand manager, Josh Miller, sat down with AFA Journal to discuss the ministry.

AFA Journal: What is First15?
Josh Miller: First15 is a digital daily devotional that seeks to provide believers a unique experience with God during the first 15 minutes of their day. It is designed to help readers connect with the Lord early in the day and encourage them to seek and love God while serving others.

AFAJ: Why are the first 15 minutes of the day so important?
JM: As our world continues to get faster and noisier, it has become easier than ever to get pulled into the busyness and anxiety of life. But by starting the day in worship, prayer, and Scripture, readers can build on the right foundation for the rest of the day. We truly believe that starting our day in God’s presence leads to greater peace and purpose in our lives.

AFAJ: How did the ministry begin?
JM: Our founder, Craig Denison, started First15 in 2015 with the desire to guide believers into a daily experience in God’s presence. He sensed a longing in God’s heart for His people to be in an honest, restored relationship with Him.

Craig started praying, dreaming, and writing. The idea of helping people spend the first 15 minutes of their day focused on nothing else but growing in their relationship with God captured him, and First15 was born. He believed that if people would worship, read, and pray at the beginning of every day, everything in our world could change for the better.

AFAJ: How are the online devotionals laid out?
JM: Each devotional consists of Scripture, worship, a devotional thought, guided prayer, and an encouragement to live out what you’ve learned that [morning]. Our hope is that the devotional leaves you with more than just good information, but actually helps you step into a deeper relationship with God.

AFAJ: How can the church utilize this resource? 
JM: Many churches have directed their congregants to First15 as a resource. By utilizing First15, pastors can encourage their congregants to engage in Scripture, worship, and prayer daily. In the First15 mobile app, there is also a group feature that many churches use to connect with their congregation throughout the week.

AFAJ: What are the future plans for this ministry?
JM: First15 hopes to continue reaching more people with the invitation to connect with God every single day. We believe that culture will be transformed through believers walking in a deep and personal relationship with God. As we grow, we are continuing to provide new resources like books, original worship music, videos, and other content that focuses on helping people walk in intimacy with God in every area of life. 

AFAJ: How have you seen the Lord work through First15? 
JM: We’re encouraged every day from the testimonies of people impacted from their time with God by utilizing First15. We are seeing more and more people join the community to stay connected to God through the week. Individuals are engaging with the content on our website (first15.org), mobile app, daily email, and podcast as well as through worship on YouTube.