In the battle for our country's soul we can all do something. Do it!
Tim Wildmon
Tim Wildmon
AFA president

March 1996 – Did you see this one in the news recently? The headline in my local newspaper read: “Chief accused of calling psychic line.” The article – dateline Camden Point, Missouri – went as follows:

“This small town’s police chief has resigned amid charges he made $20,000 in calls to a psychic hot line at taxpayer expense.

“Thomas J. Tobin, 35, allegedly made as many as 280 calls to the hot line from last September through December. He was arrested by sheriff’s deputies January 3 and charged with stealing by deceit, a felony.”

This police chief obviously had too much time on his hands. They probably need a little more crime in Camden Point, don’t you think. Although, if one of Camden Point’s fine citizens wanted to report a crime – or potential crime – he probably got a busy signal or got put on hold by the chief.

Can’t you see the chief in his office with the phone to his ear, feet propped up, cleaning his pistol, talking to some psychic in New York, and the other line rings.

“Excuse me,” the chief says. “I’ve got a call coming in, can you wait a minute? I’ll be right back.”

“This is Chief Tobin speaking, what do you want?” he says in an irritated tone. “Mrs. Jones, why do you always call me when you’re robbed at gunpoint? Why don’t you buy yourself some mace or something and leave me alone, for gosh sakes. I’ve got plenty enough to do without you callin’ down here with your little problems. Now, good by, Mrs. Jones, and next time call the sheriff or something.”

The chief switches lines back to the psychic.

“Now where were we? I’m sorry about the interruption. You were saying something about the ‘good life’ I had just ahead or something….”

Seriously, this guy reminds me of some of our Christian brethren who want to spend a lot of time, energy and money on unimportant matters while America – morally speaking – is being robbed at gunpoint.

What’s really important to us as Christian Americans?

How about the kind of government we have? I’m glad to say that the largest single voting block in the historic 1994 elections was evangelical Christians.

How about men taking responsibility for their homes? I’m glad to say Promise Keepers continues to grow at an amazing rate. Over 1,000,000 men of all races are expected in Washington, D.C. in August of 1997.

How about young people remaining sexually pure until marriage? I’m glad to say the True Love Waits campaign is sweeping across our country.

There are signs of hope for an America in moral decline. But Christians must be a part of the solution and not, by our apathy and indifference, be a part of the problem.

Find somewhere to get involved in this battle to save our country. Support organizations like American Family Association who encourage you to make a phone call or write a letter to corporations. Run for city council or school board or help someone who is running and shares your values. Write letters to the editor. Volunteer at the local crisis pregnancy center. Stay informed and call your congressman when moral issues come up for a vote. Organize a group of men from your church to go to a Promise Keepers conference this summer. Encourage your pastor or youth pastor to have your young people go through the True Love Waits campaign.

None of us can do everything. But we all can do something.