True confessions: I was a PTA president
Don Wildmon
Don Wildmon
AFA/AFR founder

February 2001 – Back when the children were young, Lynda and I were asked to serve as president of our local Parent Teacher Association (PTA). We gladly accepted the invitation and spent the year trying to improve our children's school by raising money for different projects. 

At the time, the PTA was symbolic of many other fine and worthwhile organizations. It was begun by a local group of people who wanted to help their local school. The concept grew, other communities developed PTAs, and local schools were helped. 

But then something happened. Someone decided that the local groups needed to be tied together in a national network. Of course, this meant that those local groups would have to send some of their money to the national group. That wasn't such a bad idea, either, in and of itself. 

As the years went by, the PTA became a force for good in the educational system. Parents got involved in the education of their children, they raised money for the local school, and communities came together for a good cause. 

But then something else happened. A handful of individuals with liberal political philosophies saw that the PTA was a natural tool to use in reshaping the local schools. Instead of just being an accessory to help local schools, now the PTA could be used to promote a liberal, left-wing philosophy. So they set about grabbing control of the national body. 

Many of the local PTA groups saw where the national group was headed, and pulled out of the national organization. They began operating as Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) instead of Parent Teacher Association. But the National PTA continued right along, increasingly becoming a tool to promote a left-wing philosophy instead of helping the children with their educational needs. The latest project for the National PTA is the promotion of the homosexual agenda. (See here.)

It is time for those with children in school to get involved, and get the PTA out of their school. Replace your PTA with a PTO. Go ahead and do all you can to help your local school. But keep your money and your control at the local level. Your children will benefit greatly from such a move. 

Of course it won't get done unless parents in local schools care enough to get involved. Find out if your local school has a PTA. If it does, make an effort to change it to a PTO. Keep your money and spend it locally. Stop the PTA from using your children to promote their left-wing political agenda. All the positives are on your side. 

Get other parents involved. Get school officials involved. Such a move will benefit their schools because they get all the money and all the effort of local parents. 

Of course, if you agree with the National PTA in their support of the radical left-wing homosexual agenda, do nothing. The National PTA will be tickled pink--and lavender.  undefined