You are just one voice, but you count

By Patrick TruemanAFA director of governmental affairs in Washington, D.C.

February 2001 – 
Over the past eight years, I believe the lack of moral and political leadership from the White House has torn at the fabric of our country. A deep hunger for a new beginning has been growing throughout our land, not just among pro-family groups, but with everyone who felt a sense of shame about the goings-on in the nation’s capital. This presents pro-family advocates with a unique opportunity to lead the call for a return to dignity, faithfulness, and policies which affirm the core of civilization – families.  

The good news is that we have a fresh beginning with President George Bush. The bad news is that while Mr. Clinton descends from office, Mrs. Clinton ascends to join an evenly split and deeply divided Senate: 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats. Now, more than ever, your voice will count as Congress tries to discern the will of the people. 

Remember, organizations whose agendas include expanded abortion rights and increased visibility and normalization for homosexual unions are – as we speak – seeking to tilt the balance of that 50/50 Senate in their favor. We cannot afford to be silent. Here’s a look at some legislation that will be debated in the next Congress:

Partial Birth Abortion Act
On several occasions, Congress has passed this bill, which would outlaw a particularly gruesome form of late-term abortion. Clinton vetoed it each time. Bush won’t.

Funding for the National Endowment for the Arts
In 2000, the agency got its first increase in eight years. Why the reward? They still fund pornographic films, and blasphemous works of “art.” The New York theater which staged the play Corpus Christi (depicting Jesus as a homosexual) continues to get large grants from the NEA. We need Mr. Bush to propose a significant decrease in the agency’s budget and get Congress to pass the reduced budget.

Elimination of the marriage penalty
The federal tax code unfairly penalizes married couples by requiring them to combine their income when paying taxes, thus pushing them into a higher tax bracket than two single people living together. President Bush knows the tax issue cost his father the Presidency. He will want to kill this tax. We will want to help him.

Protection for the Boy Scouts
The homosexual movement and its allies have targeted the Boy Scouts. They want them banned from schools and public property because the Scouts won’t allow homosexual leaders. The “Scouts’ Honor Act” would prohibit discrimination against the Scouts by any entity receiving federal funds. This will be a tough vote for the liberals. Let Hillary and the Democrats choose between the homosexual movement and the Boy Scouts. With our help, this bill will pass and alienate those who vote against it from their constituents.

Employment Non-Discrimination Act 
This nice-sounding bill would prohibit private employers from discriminating in employment based on “sexual orientation.” That term is defined so broadly that any sexual perversion may be given special protection. In other words, a daycare provider could not “discriminate” against a pedophile. If passed, it will be a statement by our government that homosexuality is normal. 

Hate Crimes Prevention Act 
This bill, a top item on the homosexual movement’s agenda, would ostensibly target those who threaten or commit violence against homosexuals.  Pro-family leaders fear the bill will be used against them and other individuals and organizations for any public statement advocating a pro-marriage or religious view on homosexuality. As Christians, we abhor violence against anyone. Yet we have a God-given right and duty to speak against sin.

In addition to those listed above, many other bills will come before Congress that will need our attention. Please don’t sit back thinking your guy made it to the White House and he will fight our battles. President Bush will fight our battles because he can’t afford to ignore his political base or he will lose in four years. But, just how pro-active he will be depends on you. If you want good legislation, stay focused and be willing to spend some money on stamps, stationery and many long distance calls to Congress.

Don’t forget to contact President Bush also. If you want the Department of Justice to prosecute obscenity, let him know it often. If you want to stop our government’s promotion of abortion in the U. S. and in developing countries, write and call the president. If you want solid conservatives appointed to the federal bench, he needs to know that. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. So squeak!

If the elections of 2000 taught us anything, it is that every person counts. Make yourself count.  undefined

Patrick Trueman is AFA’s director of governmental affairs in Washington, D.C. He is also co-host of AFA Report, a daily news and interview radio show aired on American Family Radio Network.