America’s moral Katrina
Don Wildmon
AFA/AFR founder

October 2006 – Child pornography arrests have been in the news now nearly every day for the past couple of months. Having been in the battle against pornography for the past 30 years, I cannot remember when there have been so many arrests of individuals charged with either possession of child pornography or molesting children.

In the entertainment industry, pornography continues to gain ground, with almost every medium pushing the envelope, trying to out-do what someone else has already gotten away with. Consider the various avenues through which this generation is being assaulted:

Passing through the channels on TV, the scenes and language are much more explicit than ever before. If the rate of decline continues, it will not be long until we see hard-core pornography on the networks.
While I haven’t been to any movies in a couple of years, judging by promos on TV they are much more explicit and raunchier than ever. Restraint and reason are passe.
Popular music is also getting much more explicit, with studies showing that the more of this music the kids listen to, the more likely they are to abandon the values of their parents.
A recent report said the amount of alcohol and drugs being used by youth is growing by leaps and bounds, with the age of alcohol and drug use getting younger and younger.
Abortions continue unabated. We have killed over 40,000,000 of our unborn since 1973.
With the exception of Fox News, the bias in the news against conservatives and Christians is becoming bolder and bolder.
Nearly every day we hear of progress being made to legalize homosexual marriage, with companies such as Ford and Wal-Mart giving their blessings and monetary support to the homosexual agenda.

In California, a new law now requires that a positive portrayal of the homosexual lifestyle be taught in the classrooms in that state. Truth doesn’t matter anymore. Only what is politically correct.

 Meanwhile, most Americans go on with their day-to-day lives raising children, meeting family needs, working, etc. Millions sit in their houses of worship on Sunday morning, and see no connection with the moral decay around them. 

 The new law in California clearly shows that what is at stake in the culture war is the very survival of Western Civilization – which came from the mind of Christ. Those whom Bill O’Reilly calls the “progressive secularists” will not be satisfied until all influence of the Christian faith is removed from the public arena. Our religious freedom, which helped make this country the greatest ever known, is being stripped away.

 There is a moral Katrina coming, and millions of Americans are ignoring it.  undefined