Ford refuses to brake gay support
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October 2006 – Ford Motor Company is taking several steps to try to halt falling sales, but none of them include ending financial support for homosexual groups promoting same-sex marriage. 

Ford lost $1.4 billion in the first half of the year. Rather than saving money by cutting financial support to homosexual groups, Ford plans to cut production by 21% and trim the number of its dealers. The automaker is reportedly seeking a merger or alliance with another automaker, considering taking the company private, or selling their Jaguar, Volvo and Land Rover divisions.

“Chairman Bill Ford is putting the company’s support for homosexual groups ahead of Ford’s support for employees and dealers,” said AFA Chairman Don Wildmon. “Dealers and employees should be calling Chairman Ford, asking him to stop supporting the homosexual agenda.”

In early 2005, AFA began criticizing Ford’s support of radical homosexual groups and its advertising in gay magazines which regularly condemn Christians and pro-family attempts to protect marriage. Last November Ford agreed to make several changes in its practices, but then reneged on the agreement after meeting with homosexual leaders. 

AFA responded with a call for a boycott, and more than 509,000 people have signed a petition agreeing to boycott the company.

“All we asked for was that Ford not choose sides in the culture war,” Wildmon said. “But because the automaker chose to support homosexual marriage and other radical aspects of the gay agenda, we were forced to take action.”