40 Days to fast and pray
Randall Murphree
Randall Murphree
AFA Journal editor

November 2011 – Terry and Barbi Franklin have been in full-time ministry as a couple for more than 25 years. Christian music was their first focus, as both came from families with a lot of musical talent.

“Inspiring love in the home and revival in the church” has long been the guiding principle of their ministry. Music is still a major component of their calling, but in recent years, they have begun to use their experience to lead marriage seminars and evangelistic outreaches that have taken them more and more often outside the U.S.

In fact, they have led evangelistic crusades in 37 countries. Now, one might say their observation of revival around the world has led them quite literally full circle. Their hearts have begun to ache for revival in the U.S.

“I think most people see the desperate need we have in our country right now for real spiritual revival and awakening,” Terry Franklin said.

A challenge to pray and fast
After a concert early this year, the Franklins learned from Christian missionaries to the Middle East that, at the end of 2010, churches across Egypt had joined their hearts together for a 40-day prayer and fast for their nation. The Franklins were deeply moved by what they were hearing, and almost before they realized it was happening, they were responding to God’s call to instigate a prayer and fasting observance in the U.S.

God led them to begin talking to Christian leaders about unifying Christians across the U.S. for 40 Days to Fast and Pray November 21-December 31, the last 40 days of 2011.

They were invited to do a crusade in Pakistan, and, through a series of no small miracles, they managed to get Cairo, Egypt, on their itinerary. There, they visited the 7,000-member Kasr El Dobara Church, the largest evangelical church in the Middle East. The prayer and fasting movement was birthed in that church.

During their time there, the Franklins interviewed Dr. Sameh Maurice, pastor of Kasr El Dobara. They learned that thousands of Muslims trusted Jesus as Savior during and since this season of prayer, and Egypt continues to see more and more churches seeking God and praying together across denominational lines. The video of this moving interview is available online or on DVD for churches and individuals to use in challenging others forward to prayer and fasting. (See information below.)

The Franklins long to see a phenomenal move of the Spirit in the U.S., and other Christian leaders and ministries are joining them in the effort. AFA is one of many evangelical groups committed to promote and participate in the 40-day end-of-year prayer and fasting emphasis in hopes of inspiring countless churches and individuals to pray for revival in the nation.

Barbi Franklin said that after they knew God was leading them to initiate a prayer and fasting movement, AFA was the first ministry she wanted to call. “I tried to make contact with Buster Wilson,” she said. Wilson is general manager of American Family Radio, AFA’s network of 192 radio stations.

Wilson said, “I told Barbi, ‘This is absolutely where we are as an organization, and we’re going to go full force ahead to promote this 40-day fast with you.’”

In a very short time – another instance of no small miracle – the Franklins have pulled together a host of ministries and collected a wealth of encouraging resources at www.AwakenUS.com. The site includes daily updates including a prayer calendar, Web links to information on prayer and fasting, recommended books and Bible reading, and inspirational media links.

Pastors will find resources targeted to their needs, including sermons on prayer and fasting from David Mains.

“We pray all these tools, with your help, will spark a wildfire of unified prayer across this nation among the whole body of Christ,” said Barbi Franklin. “If you want updates regarding this upcoming fast sent right to your e-mail inbox, please send your e-mail address.”

AFA vice president Buddy Smith said, “We at AFA believe the only hope for our nation to return to moral sanity is for the body of Christ to plead with Almighty God to heal our land. We are honored to join the Franklins in this call to pray and fast.” (See related column here.)  undefined

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