Nativity allowed on public square
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November 2011 – Bruce Barilla, founder of America's Christian Heritage Week, has a vision to see a nativity scene in every state capitol building in America (

Many groups have tried to place a nativity on public land, only to be stopped by city officials or complaining citizens. To combat this, several Christian law organizations have stepped up to represent free of charge those whose First Amendment rights have been violated.

Too often, Barilla said, people have been intimidated by the ACLU or others who don't want to be reminded of the birth of Christ. But a nativity scene can be displayed on public property when done the proper way.

According to these legal firms, which include the Alliance Defense Fund, American Center for Law and Justice, Liberty Counsel, Thomas More Law Center and others, as long as no state funds go to the nativity scene, there is no reason a state capitol cannot display a nativity scene.