Is Genesis really true?
Is Genesis really true?
Randall Murphree
Randall Murphree
AFA Journal editor

Above, Geologist Andrew Snelling (left) and narrator Del Tackett discuss the historicity of Genesis.

February 2017 – Is Genesis for real? The 10-year-old had been watching the highly publicized 2014 debate between creationist Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis, and agnostic Bill Nye, host of the 1990s television series Bill Nye the Science Guy. Now, she sat, wondering and struggling to make sense of it all. She asked her dad for an answer.

He was a bit embarrassed that he couldn’t articulate his own firm beliefs. But this was no ordinary dad; he is Thomas Purifoy Jr., author, educator, U.S. Navy veteran, and founder of Compass Cinema.

She deserves an answer, he thought.

Ultimately, his answer – Is Genesis History? – is a stunning and comprehensive investigation into the historicity of Genesis, the Bible’s first book and for years the fulcrum for contrasting worldviews known generally as old earth and young earth.

Purifoy’s film is a sweeping look at scientific and historical evidence that the book of Genesis is, indeed, a credible account of the history of man. The film visits many locations to interview world renowned experts in biology, geology, paleontology, archaeology, philosophy, astronomy, microbiology, and more. Again and again, these noted scientists verify that Genesis makes a positive case that the Bible is historically reliable.

Host/narrator Dr. Del Tackett opens the film with an engaging teaser as he roams over the landscape around Washington’s Mt. St. Helen’s. When the volcano erupted in 1980, molten rock created a steam blast with the force of 20 million tons of TNT.

Within a few days time, the avalanche had deposited up to 600 feet of layers of new rock and debris – layers like those which secular scientists claim to be billions of years old. After that, one can hardly wait to hear from his long list of experts.

It’s a fascinating and encouraging look into how the Bible is routinely and rationally considered factually accurate by many credible scientific minds.

Is Genesis History? will make its big debut with a one-night premiere February 23 in selected theaters. Visit for more information, to locate a theater, or learn how to bring it to your local theater.