TV’s child characters increase foul language
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Photo above, characters in Fox’s Animation Domination cartoon block

February 2017 – Parents Television Council conducted a study in February and March 2016 of primetime television shows of the four broadcast networks. The study found that ABC had the most instances of profanity and sexualized language spoken by children and teens.

Fox came in second with its large Saturday night Animation Domination cartoon block, specifically the cartoon shorts High School USA! which depicts teen characters in sexually explicit situations and foul language throughout, and Golan the Insatiable.

Christopher Gildemeister, author of the PTC study, remarked on this trend: “It’s hard enough to keep your kid from picking up swear words on the playground or from watching TV. But if they’ve got other kids on TV swearing, that really normalizes it, and that really teaches children that it’s perfectly okay, as well as sexualizing the kids to think about things that they’re probably too young for.”, 11/18/16