Donations to evangelical ministries up 9.7%
Donations to evangelical ministries up 9.7%
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March 2017 – Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability’s annual State of Giving Report released near the end of 2016 tallied data from its 1,816 member organizations and found that $16 billion had been given in charitable donations to evangelical ministries in 2015. 

That is an increase of nearly 9.7% from 2014. The total dollar amount included $12.5 billion in cash and $3.5 billion in non-cash gifts.

ECFA noted that its findings are reflected by those of other groups that do similar studies. For example, Giving USA reported in June 2016 that contributions to religious organizations in general were up by 2.7% and had reached a record high in 2015.

According to ECFA, ministry areas with greatest increase include: 

Short-term missions ã 25%
Camps and conferences ã 21%
Drug and alcohol counseling ã 13%
Orphan care ã 12%
Community development ã 11%
Prison ministry ã 11%, 12/18/16;, 6/13/16