Let There Be Light
Let There Be Light
Joy Lucius
Joy Lucius
AFA Journal staff writer

Above, atheist author and professor, Dr. Sol Harkins, played by Kevin Sorbo, celebrates his crushing victory over a Christian debate opponent.

October 2017 – Actor/director Kevin Sorbo debates God’s existence in his latest film, Let There Be Light. Sorbo’s wife Sam co-wrote the screenplay, while she, Kevin, and their two sons portray the main characters.

Kevin Sorbo plays Dr. Sol Harkins, whose book Aborting God gains him notoriety as “the biggest atheist of all.” In the first scene, Sol, a wisecracking proponent of “sex, drugs, and rock and roll,” leaves debate spectators laughing and his Christian opponent looking ridiculous.

Divorced, Sol drinks excessively and blames God for his son’s death. His ex-wife Katy continues praying for Sol to know the love of God and to come home to his family. Yet, Sol’s drunk driving leads to a car crash. Clinically dead, he envisions his deceased son who says, “It’s not your time; you must go back.”

Sol awakens. His publicity team tries concealing his near-death experience, but Sol admits to Katy, “I saw our son.” That admission leaves Sol questioning: Does God exist? Why did He allow Davy’s death? Can God save me?

Faith and culture
Sam Sorbo recently discussed with AFA Journal the journey she experienced in answering these and other hard questions while bringing this film to life.

As an actress, talk show host, writer, and homeschool mom of three, Sam Sorbo was disturbed by statistical trends that predict the next generation of Americans may likely identify as less than 1% Christian.

“In America, we are losing sight of what should be the most important aspect of our faith,” she explained. “We are so blessed, so prosperous, and yet more focused on administering church policy than contending for the faith.”

She is also concerned with today’s media-driven world, which often avoids typically Christian topics as too political or divisive. And conversely, Sorbo voiced concerns that Christians fail to see or use media as a means of bridging the gap between politics and faith.

“We are all so concerned with political beliefs and party affiliations, and yet we refuse to really discuss through media who we are and where we’re going as a nation,” stated Sorbo.

In this context, God birthed the idea in Sorbo’s heart for Let There Be Light. When she first pitched that idea to award-winning writer Dan Gordon, he was totally uninterested.

However, Gordon abruptly changed his mind and joined the project. And amazingly, within days, Sean Hannity called out of the blue, with no knowledge whatsoever of Let There Be Light, to offer support for Sorbo’s next faith-based film.

Family first
The storyline not only debates the existence of God, but also dares to discuss why a good God allows bad things to happen. The importance of family is another major theme of the film.

“As an actress, there came a time when I had to decide which aspect of my life was more important – acting or motherhood,” declared Sorbo. “I chose my children, and I have never regretted that choice.”

Back in the film industry now that her children are older, Sorbo wants her work to honor her family and her faith. And she especially wants this film to depict the love our heavenly Father has for each of us, while illustrating the critical need for loving earthly fathers to take their place as godly family leaders.

Similar to Kevin Sorbo’s earlier film, God’s Not Dead, this movie appeals to believers and non-believers alike. Viewers should be aware there are candid portrayals of atheism, death, and alcoholism. And, once Sol vainly cries out to God. Debuting in theaters October 27, Let There Be Light may well be a great outreach opportunity.

“Ask someone to go see this movie with you,” urged Sorbo. “It might not change their lives instantly, but it could plant a seed.”  undefined 

Learn more at lettherebelightthemovie.com.