Archaeology near and far confirms Scriptural truth
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Above, artist's rendition of Josiah hearing the book of the law

June 2019 – Archaeologists with the Israel Antiquities Authority uncovered remains of a massive building in Jerusalem in 2007, plausibly destroyed by Babylonians in 586 B.C. On March 31, the IAA announced that a tiny clay seal was recently unearthed there, inscribed with “Nathan-Melech, a high-ranking official in the court of King Josiah.” Nathan-Melech is mentioned in 2 Kings 23:11.

Here in the U.S., a fossilized graveyard of fish, mammals, insects, and a dinosaur ignited controversy in April, after the New Yorker published an article about the remarkable 2012 discovery in North Dakota. Scientists worldwide have researched the site. Paleontologist Robert DePalma attributes the extraordinary discovery to a meteor’s impact causing a tsunami-like wave within an inland sea.

Dr. Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis, agrees that one major catastrophe – the flood of Noah’s day – could have created the North Dakota site: “We’ve always said there were probably meteoric impacts and asteroid impacts and that sort of thing associated with the biblical flood.”, 4/1/19;, 4/2/19;, 4/5/19