Reviews: family entertainment, documentaries, resources, books, music
Reviews: family entertainment, documentaries, resources, books, music
AFA Staff
AFA Staff
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June 2019 – This stunning film equips rational thinkers to defend the biblical account of creation as both beautiful and true. Genesis: Paradise Lost presents the latest scientific research from passionate men and women who have committed their lives to this study. Ken Ham, Voddie Baucham, and Ray Comfort are among the featured scholars.

The special effects team pulled out all the stops to bring together a powerful visualization of the opening pages of Genesis. State-of-the-art animation tells a story that causes the viewer to step back in awe of the majesty of the creator and to ponder the implications. This 2018 documentary will be an invaluable resource for every church or family library. Available at

Kendra Knox, American Family Studios

The List
In The List, authors Buck Storm and Bill Perkins build a gripping narrative around the lives of Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea, two men of New Testament prestige and power. Both were members of ancient Israel’s Sanhedrin governing council. But somewhere along the way, both apparently became secret followers of Jesus, which explains why they went to Pilate to ask for the body of the crucified Savior so they could give Him a respectful burial.

The authors paint a plausible portrayal of the times as they flesh out a story that gives the men wives, friends, and enemies. Storm and Perkins imagine believable complications created by the duos’ shadowy search for truth in the midst of Jerusalem’s growing anti-Jesus sentiment. When they find indisputable parallels between the ministry of Jesus and the words of Old Testament prophets, their belief is sealed.

As usual, Storm’s handling of the language shines – creative, colorful, compelling figures of speech. Available at

Randall Murphree

Holiness … In a World of Chaos
Twice in Scripture, men heard heavenly beings sing a song about God: “Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord …” (Isaiah 6:3 and Revelation 4:8). Biblical authors constantly referred to God as a Being of absolute holiness. So holy is God that even the soil was deemed altered in His presence: “the place on which you are standing is holy ground” (Exodus 3:5).

Dr. John Neihof Jr.’s passion in life was holiness. He studied it. He preached it. He lived it. And the last book he wrote before his untimely passing (March 8, 2019) was Holiness … In a World of Chaos. Neihof looks at the study of holiness from almost every perspective – spiritual, theological, social, practical, and even redemptive holiness. However, as the title reflects, he examines all of holiness through the lens of application in a fallen world and a faithless culture.

This small volume is not meant to merely inform readers of the unfathomable depths of God’s holiness. It is meant to help people live out the biblical command to “be holy, for I am holy.” Available at online booksellers.

Ray Rooney, editor

Abortion Worldwide Report: 1 Century, 100 Nations, 1 Billion Babies
Abortion Worldwide Report: 1 Century, 100 Nations, 1 Billion Babies is a comprehensive, thoroughly researched and documented look at the global failure to protect unborn human beings, systematically tracking more than 1 billion abortions in 100 nations and territories from 1921 through 2015. 

Thomas W. Jacobson , William Robert Johnston, and their team of scholars have compiled over 300 pages of legal, scientific, historical, and theological insights concerning abortion, a culmination of over 35 years of research.

The Abortion Worldwide Report highlights 35 major findings in vibrant color graphics (130 graphs, 15 maps) and 67 lists and tables. It emphasizes core biblical truths that support the sanctity of human life in medicine, human rights, civil government and law, and theology.

The book and complimentary resources are available at in print ($40) and 
ebook ($30).

Anne Reed

Grand Parenting
Five pages into the introduction of Grand Parenting: Strengthening Your Family and Passing on Your Faith, Dr. Josh Mulvihill drops a bombshell question that should explode in the hearts of Christian grandparents: “Would it make any spiritual difference to your children and grandchildren if you were no longer alive?”

With that piercing query, the author begins to dismantle what many have come to believe is their role regarding their grandchildren – to spoil ’em and send ’em home.

Mulvihill cites the scriptural mandate that calls grandparents to leverage their unique position to influence their youngest family members in the gospel.

He rejects the notion that grandparents have earned the right to pull away from family responsibility and indulge themselves. Rather, older Christians should see their remaining days as “the giving years.”

Mulvihill’s insights are a call for Christ to be the focal point, the reason, and the all- consuming passion of grandparents. The 250-page book targets practical key tools to help grandparents become prayerfully intentional. Available at

Rusty Benson

God Our Anchor
In God Our Anchor: Held Fast Through a Loved One’s Addiction, author Deborah Bailey paints an inspiring picture of what it is like to cling to Christ in the midst of a storm. This 30-day devotional book provides a daily verse, devotional, prayer and questions for thought that are both encouraging and challenging.

Though this little book is meant for a day-to-day read, it ultimately focuses on the lessons God taught the author in raising her teenage daughter who had fallen into the vicious cycle of drug addiction.

The author emphasizes the need not only to pray for the storm to end, but also to depend on God in the midst of the battle and to choose joy when tempted to despair. The truths represented are based in Scripture and applicable to any storm the reader may be facing. Bailey’s transparency is refreshing, as many of her entries were written even during her daughter’s relapses. Available at online and retail bookstores.

Canada Burns

Trans Life Survivors
Trans Life Survivors by Walt Heyer reveals the truth about the transgender life. Heyer has a broad, realistic view of this lifestyle that even medical doctors appear unable to comprehend. He lived as a transgender woman for eight years, and he then detransitioned back to male over 25 years ago. He looked to Jesus Christ to redeem and restore his male identity and has been happily married to his wife for 21 years. He and his wife launched, a website to give hope to those who have come to regret their decisions.

Lies spread by transgender advocates are exposed through the raw emotions of the author’s emails from men and women who regret their decisions to change genders. The book contains real emails from 30 transgender people who were referred to Heyer for help. A common theme in those emails is how health care professionals urged persons with gender dysphoria to immediately start hormone treatment and schedule surgery rather than help them deal with underlying psychological or emotional problems.

Any Christian would benefit from reading this book and hearing the truth about this rapidly expanding dysfunction crippling our culture. 

Dr. Carolyn Reeves, retired science professor

Overcoming Sexual Immorality
This hard-hitting and practical small book is rooted firmly in scriptural principles and relies on years of author Bill Rudge’s research and ministry experience. It is not a new resource, but its biblical wisdom and value are timeless.

Rudge not only understands the problem and pain of living an undisciplined, ungodly sexual lifestyle that leads men into the trap of full-fledged addiction. In Overcoming Sexual Immorality, he also offers scriptural solutions that will help readers caught in that trap find hope.

Among chapter titles are: “The Sexual Fantasy World Is Far from Reality,” “The Bondage of Pornography,” “Even Heroes Suffer Consequences,” and “Steps to Overcoming Sexual Immorality.”

The author is founder of Bill Rudge Ministries (, where this and many other resources for godly living are available.

Randall Murphree

So the Next Generation Will Know
Best-selling authors J. Warner Wallace and Sean McDowell wrote So the Next Generation Will Know: Preparing Young Christians for a Challenging World about Generation Z for parents and others who know and love young people.

Readers are encouraged to lovingly and sacrificially engage the hearts of those who make up Generation Z by recognizing their unique position and perspective on life. Included are insightful interviews with pastors, apologists, teachers, cultural experts, and others who effectively communicate with the upcoming generation.

An accompanying DVD set, along with facilitator and participant guide, is available for groups of parents, youth pastors, and Christian educators who desire to teach and train young people in the Christian worldview by applying specific “doable” strategies, techniques, and approaches. Available at online and retail bookstores.

Anne Reed

A Day in the Nation’s Capital
Charlotte Pence’s latest book, Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Nation’s Capital, takes young readers on a tour of Washington, D.C. This new tale of America’s beloved Bunny of the United States (BOTUS) is beautifully illustrated by Second Lady Karen Pence.

On his sightseeing excursion, Marlon Bundo learns about liberty and justice. He also wants to know why his grandpa and grandma, the vice president and second lady, think the Pledge of Allegiance is so important. So, BOTUS visits about 15 significant memorials, buildings, and historic sites throughout the city.

Ending his day at Arlington National Cemetery, Marlon Bundo finally realizes why America truly is “one nation under God.” Available at online or retail booksellers.

Joy Lucius

A Cow Tale: Why Am I Different?
In this young children’s book, author Laurie Grosse tells the story of the unhappy cows of Cross C Ranch. The unhappy cows in A Cow Tale whine and complain about the differences that make them each unique from all other cows. Focused only on what makes them different – hair color, spots, etc. – the cows can’t seem to enjoy the wonderful life they have been given.

However, when Diana, a newborn calf, points out the beauty of all their unique features, their moods change drastically.

Children will learn that just as God created each cow in a distinct and beautiful way, they too are fearfully and wonderfully made by the divine Creator. Available at online and retail booksellers.

Matthew White