Study shows need for Christian household ‘vibrancy’
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June 2019 – A recent study by the Barna group has investigated the definition of “spiritual vibrancy” within Christian households. The main focus was on spiritual practices, spiritual conversations, and hospitality.

Homes that engage only in spiritual practices and conversations but not hospitality are defined as “devotional,” and those that practice only hospitality as “hospitable.” While many homes practice one or the other, Barna defines a vibrant household as engaging in all of the above.

Those who do not engage at all are defined as “dormant.” The study finds that 25% of Christian households are considered vibrant, 14% hospitable, 33% devotional, and almost as many (28%) dormant.

From extensive analysis, Barna finds that within the category of “vibrant,” the majority of practices include fun/quality time, friendships, dependence upon others, and spiritual coaching., 3/5/19