1,600-year-old Samaritan home found
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May 2019 – A recent archaeological discovery provides further evidence that Samaritans had a thriving community at Zur Natan in the southern Sharon Plain of central Israel. The Israel Antiquities Authority unearthed a 1,600-year-old estate, believed to have been part of an extensive Samaritan settlement in the area. A Greek inscription found on the site revealed the owner of the agricultural property. The inscription reads, “Only God help the beautiful property of Master Adios, amen.”

Dr. Hagit Torge, who led the excavation, said “The inscription was discovered in an impressive winepress that was apparently part of the agricultural estate of a wealthy individual called Adios. This is only the second such winepress discovered in Israel with a blessing inscription associated with the Samaritans.”

This Samaritan estate is among the latest in a growing number of significant archaeological discoveries in Israel.

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