High school athlete refuses to wrestle girls
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May 2019 – During Colorado’s high school wrestling tournament in late February, Brendan Johnston, a senior wrestler from Classical Academy in Colorado Springs, garnered national attention when he forfeited his third-round match to a female opponent, Angel Rios. Johnston came into his final high school tournament with a record of 37-6, 5 of those losses also forfeited to girl opponents.

His final forfeiture ended Johnston’s chance at a state title. He based his decision never to wrestle girls on his personal beliefs as a Christian.

Johnston explained, “I’m not really comfortable with a couple of things with wrestling a girl. The physical contact, there’s a lot of it in wrestling. And I guess the physical aggression, too. I don’t want to treat a young lady like that on the mat or off the mat.”

Even though the forfeiture could negatively impact his collegiate wrestling opportunities, Johnston said, “There are bigger things than wrestling.”

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