Love Sings: For a stronger marriage
Randall Murphree
AFA Journal editor

May 2019 – For Terry and Barbi Franklin, it all started with a song at a friend’s wedding reception. Now, it’s a full concert and conference series blanketing the world.

When AFA initiated dialog with the Franklins about a partnership to produce a DVD set that would help strengthen marriages, no one anticipated what a compelling and cogent result would emerge. Forgive the cliché, but yes, it is a marriage made in heaven.

The Franklins, with 35 years in ministry, have been among leaders in more than 7,000 worship events, prayer and fasting conferences, revival events, and marriage conferences all across the U.S. and in 40 nations around the globe.

In 2018, they drove down from their Nashville home to American Family Studios to record a couple hours of DVD content titled Love Sings: The Artistry of Marriage. The project reflects the name of their ministry – Love Sings!

“The goal is to take the ideas we use in music and use those as a template for marriage,” Terry told AFA Journal. “Things like rhythm, lyrics, harmony, and blending.”

Music and family
Barbi Murk was only a toddler when the Murk Family Singers (Mom, Dad, and six children) took their musical gifts on the road to ministry. Terry’s dad sang in an award-winning barbershop quartet. Like father, like son, Terry developed his God-given talents to use them in ministry.

The couple met at Moody Bible College, married, and launched their music ministry together in 1985.

“We started out writing songs about what we were going through at the time – transitions in marriage and family,” Terry said. From the start, their theme has been “Inspiring Love in the Home and Revival in the Church.”

One of their best known songs is “Calvary Comes Through Once Again,” which Terry admitted is his favorite. Understandable. Its soaring melody and rich lyrics are a perfect platform from which to validate the purpose and power of the cross.

“My favorite,” Barbi confesses, “is Terry singing “You Can Tell a Lot About a Man.” One understands why when the next line is “ … by the way he treats his wife.” It sends a clarion call to every husband to be a faithful spiritual leader in his family.

Prayer and revival
Terry and Barbi Franklin were first recognized for demonstrating an authentic faith delivered via their voices, the gifts God first gave them for ministry. But their reach now is far beyond a recording studio and a concert stage.

God has moved their hearts more and more to include revival, prayer, and fasting. Consequently, their focus broadened to teaching how the threads of praise, prayer, and revival must be woven into the fabric of a marriage if it is to be strong and sustaining.

As their faith walk continues, God continues to add insight and wisdom, enabling them to share how critical all of those elements are for a family and marriage to stay centered on Christ.

AFS director Austin Brooks said, “We’re excited about the unique approach the Franklins offer as they challenge husbands and wives to commit themselves to a stronger, godly marriage.”

The Franklins pray for God to use the new resource to change one marriage. And the world.

“I pray that one couple, both husband and wife, give their hearts to Jesus,” Terry said.

Barbi added, “I hope it goes all over the world in many languages, and all mankind is healed!”  

Love Sings! Ministries
Learn more about Terry and Barbi Franklin’s many avenues of ministry at lovesings.comLove Sings: The Artistry of Marriage will be available beginning May 7 at or 877-927-4917.