New poll shows significant pro-life shift
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May 2019 – A February Marist survey of over 1,000 adults revealed that Americans made a sudden and dramatic shift toward a pro-life position in the aftermath of publicized pushes toward late-term abortion in states such as New York and Virginia.  

Founded in 1978, the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion has conducted the independent research on public priorities, elections, and a wide variety of social issues that reflect the pulse of the nation. The survey found that 47% of Americans now identify as pro-life. The same number are pro-abortion (survey used the word pro-choice). A month earlier, the same poll found that only 38% identified as pro-life.

Among subgroups (not reflected in the chart) Democrats and young adults led the shift. Previously, Democrats identified as 20% pro-life, compared to 34% in the most recent poll. The position of Americans under age 45 (regardless of political affiliation) moved from 28% pro-life to 47% pro-life., 2/25/19