First legally nonbinary man: It was ‘harmful legal fiction’
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March 2020James Shupe, retired U.S. Army, abandoned his male birth sex and identified as female for a while, then later obtained a court order to gain legal status as “nonbinary,” a gender identity meaning neither male nor female. He has now declared his sexual identity journey as “psychologically harmful legal fiction.”

Shupe said medical treatment during his sexual confusion led to three stays in a psych ward, blood clots in his eyes, problems controlling his bladder, emotional instability, dermatology issues, and the threat of kidney disease.

In March 2019, Shupe announced on Twitter that he had come to faith in God, and he has returned to his true male identity. He urges others to resist giving in to gender dysphoria.

“You only have one body … one reproductive system,” he said. “Please don’t ruin it chasing the fantasy that you are something other than your biological sex.”, 1/1/20