‘Roaring twenties’ urges prayer for awakening
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March 2020As 2020 approached, numerous Christian leaders were urging young people to participate in the “Roaring Twenties” initiative to fast and pray for a national spiritual awakening (www.thinke.org/roaring-twenties-fast). Malachi O’Brien, a pastor at Church at Pleasant Ridge in Harrisonville, Missouri, proposed the concept. He hoped to inspire 1 million young adults to gather in local churches, communities, and prayer groups early in the beginning of this new decade.

O’Brien said, “There’s such a correlation from the 1920s to the 2020s. The 1920s began one way; it ended vastly different.”

His heart and his vision are that the initiative will take hold and be repeated especially during early January each year through this decade.

“If Jesus did it with 12, we cannot even imagine what He will do with 1 million young people consecrated to the cause of Christ,” said Jon Groves, another advocate of the prayer movement. Groves is digital mission director of Think Eternity.

christianpost.com, 1/2/20