Planned Parenthood: more abortions, more tax monies
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March 2020According to the Abortion Care Network, 136 independently owned and operated U.S. abortion clinics have closed their doors since 2012. This figure does not include clinics owned by Planned Parenthood (PP).

Though the total number of abortions continues to decrease annually in the U.S., PP’s annual report for fiscal year 2018-2019 reveals it performed its highest yearly number of abortions on record, 13,000 more than the previous year, resulting in a 3.88% increase. Though the abortion giant lost as much as $60 million from the U.S. Title X Family Planning Program, it received more taxpayer funds than in any other single year, a 9.4% increase from the previous year – primarily through Medicaid reimbursements.

Incidentally, in 2019, abortion was the leading cause of death globally, ending the lives of more than 42 million babies., 1/9/20;, 8/19/19;,12/13/19;, 1/3/20;, 1/5/20;,1/6/20