The other side of the radio: Rick Robertson
The other side of the radio: Rick Robertson
Mason Beasler
Mason Beasler
AFA Journal staff writer

Above photo, Rick Robertson with his wife Alice.

August 2021The woman had chosen suicide.

Sitting in her car, she decided she didn’t want to live any longer. However, before making that fateful decision, she flipped on the radio for the last time. As she switched it on, a Christian song suddenly filled her vehicle.

She had turned on American Family Radio (AFR).

Thankfully, she decided not to commit suicide that day, but to live and tell the story of how her life had been saved by the grace of God through AFR.

This growing radio ministry would not be possible without dedicated professionals committed to advancing the life-saving gospel of Jesus over America’s soundwaves every day. 

Professionals like Rick Robertson.

Building a legacy
From his high school days in Duck Hill, Mississippi, Robertson had a passion for radio.

In 1985, Robertson married his wife, Alice, and the two have lived in Mississippi ever since. They have two children, Zak and Hannah, along with seven grandchildren.

After moving to Oxford, Mississippi, where Robertson worked for the Miss 98 country station, the family soon received a life-changing opportunity.

“The Lord opened the door for me to host an overnight music show on American Family Radio here in Tupelo, Mississippi,” Robertson told AFAJ. “When I first started we were only a local station in northeast Mississippi. But Don Wildmon had a vision of stations nationwide.”

After nearly three decades with AFR, Robertson has witnessed firsthand God’s ability to take a small measure of faith and grow it into a nationwide presence for His glory.

“The difference between [other] stations and American Family Radio is the gospel,” said Robertson. “It’s the great foundation to all AFR does. We want to come alongside the local church in helping fulfill the Great Commission. We want to stand up for the morals in our nation.”

Within the network, Robertson creates promotional announcements heard during breaks. He also produces The Hour of Intercession, a Monday-Friday show hosted by Pastor Joseph Parker. And if listeners want to hear from Robertson himself, they need only tune in to the AFR music network on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (CT).

Pointing to Christ
“It is so encouraging,” said Robertson, “to receive the different calls we get from the listeners who share how AFR has impacted them.”

“Listening to AFR has put my faith and life back on track,” said Jennifer, one listener from Oklahoma. “I can truly feel the spirit of God working through all the hosts. Thanks to them, I have rededicated my life to Jesus Christ.”

“AFA is pushing back against the evil in culture,” said Robertson, “and is equipping people to take a stand against the darkness.”

Sandy, one listener from Texas, described the reputation AFR has garnered because of the work of Robertson and his AFR family:

“I tell everyone about AFR,” Sandy explained, “because if they want to know the truth, they’ll listen to AFR.”  

Light at home and abroad
Robertson’s work has not only been a light for millions of Americans, but also the lives of his AFR family. Pat Montague, who works closely with Robertson, spoke of the Christ-like example he consistently maintains.

“I first met Rick when he relieved me from an overnight shift on AFR,” she said. “He struck me as kind, humble, and diligent, but quite proficient. I can honestly say I have never met anyone with more integrity and desire to please the Lord in all areas of his life than Rick Robertson.”

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