Better to give than to receive
Better to give than to receive
Hannah Meador
Hannah Meador
AFA Journal staff writer

December 2021Fundraising has come a long way from bake sales and car washes. In today’s technology-centric world, some fundraisers are now accomplished through crowdfunding websites to raise money for different needs. In 2014, it became apparent to the Wells family that there was a need for a free Christian-based crowdfunding site.  

“We recognize[d] that it’s great to raise money to help people’s material needs,” said GiveSendGo (GSG) founder Jacob Wells, “but there’s also immaterial realities connected to it.”

Three of twelve Wells siblings – Jacob, Heather, and Emmalie – felt the Lord calling them into this giving-based ministry. The Lord opened doors and allowed them to answer the call through crowdfunding. After two years of groundwork, GSG launched in 2016. Today, Jacob and Heather run the organization that ministers in 39 countries.

“No amount of money is going to help a mom who has just lost her son in a tragic accident,” Wells continued. “The funds might help in paying for a funeral, but it can’t help with the hurt. Our platform isn’t just about helping people raise money, but also sharing the hope of Jesus.”

Life-changing prayers
There are many campaigns on GSG that range from covering tragic funeral expenses to helping fund mission trips and more. But what if it is not financially feasible for individuals to give? They can pray!

Each GSG campaign page has a “pray now” button that allows individuals to write notes of encouragement. The feedback from this button was so encouraging that GSG hired a prayer team to call campaign organizers and pray for them.

Wells told the story of a grandmother whose daughter and son-in-law had both committed suicide. At the moment GSG called, the woman was holding a gun about to end her life. But God intervened. Through a prayer-filled phone call, GSG was able to point her to help and remind her of her value in Christ.

“God is really using the prayer team to touch people’s brokenness and difficult places,” Wells said, “and it’s amazing.”

Giving back 
In Acts 20:35, the Bible says, “It is more blessed to give than receive” (NIV). GSG models this passage throughout their business. Not only is GSG’s site a platform for online giving, but the GSG team also gives back. GiveSendGo gives a percentage of the funds it earns monthly to its employees, who then give to active campaigns of their choice.

Sometimes, they meet tangible needs as well. Wells related the story of an 80-year-old gentleman who collected old metal doors to sell for meager income. The trailer he used was wearing out, and someone created a campaign to raise money for a new one, so he could continue to collect the doors.

As money came in, the GSG team decided to go one step further and bless him directly themselves. Thus, alongside the cash from the GSG campaign, the GSG team showed up with a brand new trailer. Wells said this is a typical example of the ministry being “completely God orchestrated.”

“Our heart at GiveSendGo has always been to give back as we recognize how much we have been given,” Wells continued. “This emulates the heart of God for the world. It is truly better to give than receive!”    

How it works
To create a GiveSendGo (GSG) campaign, go to, sign up, and follow instructions to set up a personalized page, detailing the campaign’s goals and purpose. After completion, a link is generated to share with other givers.

To confirm the money is going to the correct recipient, GSG uses identity verification for safety purposes.