Joy bubbles out of her
Joy bubbles out of her
Lauren Bragg
Lauren Bragg
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Above, L to R: Stacey Fowler, Casey Joe, Weston, and Chip. Photo credit: Finch Collective Studios (Emily Finch Robbins)

December 2021“Growing up as a preacher’s daughter was a blessing!” Stacey Fowler told AFA Journal. “My parents are definitely my spiritual mentors. They have always made Jesus, family, church, and people a priority. I’m so thankful for their example.”

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Rev. Buddy and Carol Smith, Fowler was the poster child for being in church anytime the door was opened. As a testament to that legacy and rich spiritual upbringing, Fowler gave her life to Jesus at the sweet age of 5.

“As life has its ebb and flow, so has my relationship with the Lord, but I am so glad that Jesus stays ever constant,” beamed Fowler. “I strive to live my life fully surrendered to Him so that others can see His joy bubble out of me.”

New seasons
Not happy when her dad’s calling led the family to a church in the Tupelo area, Fowler remembered, “It was a traumatic time in my life as a 12- year-old girl. As I look back though, God was there ordering my every step.”

Tupelo is where she met Chip Fowler, who would later become her husband. The lovebirds were married in 1998 and welcomed their first son, Casey Joe, in 2002. Casey Joe was followed not long after by baby brother Weston in 2004.

“I think my favorite part about my boys is hearing them talk about, pray about, and figure out God’s plan for their lives,” Fowler gushed. “What an amazing gift God gave us – His creation with a piece of each of us – my husband and me – in them both! Praise God!”

In 2015, as her boys grew older, Fowler found herself excited to think about working fulltime. She mentioned it to her father, who was by then senior vice president of AFA. And he did what any good dad would do: He shared her talents with the AFA family.

Subsequently, Fowler began her career with AFA six years ago as assistant to the vice president of human resources. Upon his recent retirement, Fowler was promoted to VP of HR.

New ministry
Over the past few years, the Lord opened avenues of ministry for the Fowlers via their sons’ football booster club. For four years, they were able to be the hands and feet of Jesus serving hot meals to players before games.

But they served up more than meals.

“At pregame meals, a pastor or youth minister would come and share with the players before they ate,” Fowler explained. “We knew that for some of these boys, it would be the only time they would hear the name of Jesus all week.”

New joy
Fowler knows well and lives well a life that emphasizes the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus. She recently encountered a moment with Him that propelled her even deeper into her walk and a new anointing of joy.

“It was the realization that I had gotten so busy doing kingdom work that I had neglected my personal walk with Jesus,” she stressed. “I was helping with this and teaching that, but I wasn’t keeping my line with Jesus connected.”

Her solution?

She immersed herself in the Word of God. Dug deep. Saturated herself in the One true solution – Jesus.

She highly recommends that solution – Jesus. Take a page from the life of Stacey Fowler: a parent, a daughter, a coworker, a friend, a Jesus follower just like countless others.

Overwhelmed? Busied by life? Wrestling with God? Fowler would advise: “Dig deep into Scripture again, dig until the joy of Jesus bubbles out of you too.”