Pornography a public health crisis
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May 2017 – Four states are taking the lead in defining pornography as a dangerous epidemic with many negative consequences for both personal and societal health. On January 31, 2017, South Dakota unanimously passed a resolution that declared porn a public health crisis, which is “linked to a lessening desire in young persons to marry.”

Virginia passed a similar resolution in its House of Delegates in February describing the harmful impact of pornography and calling for education about its negative repercussions. In Tennessee, a third resolution labeling porn a “public health hazard” passed the Senate on March 6 and moved to the state’s House of Representatives.

Utah made headlines early last year when its legislators passed the first verdict naming porn a public crisis.

Dawn Hawkins of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation stated, “The research is clear: Pornography is significantly linked to decreased brain matter in regions of motivation and decision making, and to increasing cases of sexual dysfunction.”, 2/17/17;, 2/17/17