Laminin: jewelry with a purpose
Hannah Harrison
AFA Journal staff writer

December 2019Missy Robertson of the popular television series Duck Dynasty, is in the ministry of giving second chances to those searching for hope.

Three years ago, Robertson sought God’s will in opening Laminin, a new jewelry business. Born of a humble desire to provide flexible hours for hard-working moms, Robertson soon discovered there is nothing too small in the eyes of the Lord.

Her mother-in-law, “Miss Kay” Robertson, also has a passion for women’s ministry. Through Miss Kay’s church group, Robertson saw an opening to ask if any women needed a job opportunity. Miss Kay asked, and six women showed up at Missy Robertson’s door. Each of them carried a background of substance abuse, sex trafficking, or various addictions.

New beginnings
Seeing the prevalence of women who were searching for a new beginning, Robertson heeded the call, and Laminin was born.

Laminin is named after the small protein molecules inside each person. Robertson told AFA Journal, “We have thousands of these molecules in our bodies. They hold everything together. If you take one of those molecules and look through a microscope, it would resemble a cross.”

Robertson said 99% of the women she employs have suffered due to toxic mothers. “Moms across America are trafficking their daughters to get their next high,” she explained. They are forcing their daughters into the sex industry, encouraging substance abuse, and damaging them in permanent ways.

“No little girl says ‘When I grow up, I want to sell my body for sex’ or ‘I want to be addicted to drugs,’” she continued. “But that’s what every woman who has come through here has faced.”

At Laminin, women work, grow, and hear about the love of Christ. Robertson’s mission is for all of her employees to know Jesus and the irreversible love of Christ.

“It only takes one sin to separate ourselves from the Holy Creator,” Robertson said. “But everyone deserves a second chance.”

Hope found
Robertson’s company is run by these ladies, who find hope in their new opportunity. Manager Charlie Roane told AFA Journal a staffing agency warned her that with her background, she would have a hard time getting a good job.

“I was having a hard time finding a job because I was a convicted felon,” Roane said. “I was arrested over nine times. I was convicted of three felonies: the distribution of hydrocodone, possession of Xanax, and assisting the escape of an inmate.”

But then came Laminin. “Even though I made those choices, my past doesn’t define me,” Roane said. “I’ve learned that here at Laminin.”

Roane cites 2 Corinthians 5:17: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away, and look, new things have come.” Roane believes this verse is a beautiful picture of the ministry of Laminin. Instead of judging their past, Laminin encourages its employees to look toward the hope and future they have in the redeeming love Christ demonstrated on the cross.   

Jewelry with a purpose
Laminin jewelry is full of simple, earthy, and natural-looking pieces with a little bit of shine, crafted from varied natural items, from deer antlers to druzy stones. Missy Robertson said, “We have stones from all over the world because God made the whole planet.”

A part of Laminin’s proceeds goes toward charity in the West Monroe, Louisiana, area where the Robertsons live. They have partnered with MiaMoo (the Robertsons’ organization benefiting children with cleft palette), and many more.

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