The Name is Victory
The Name is Victory
Rebecca Davis
Rebecca Davis
AFA Journal staff writer

Above left, Jade with her husband and step- daughter. Right, Jade at her desk at American Family Radio.

December 2019I’ve got evidence, I’ve got confidence
I’m a conqueror, I know that I win
I know who I am, God wrote it in His plan
For me, Ooh, oh oh ohooo
my name is Victory! …

Victory McIntosh.

Her friends, family, and coworkers know her best as Jade McIntosh Hollyfield – a bold, vivacious woman of God who now exudes the confidence in Christ referred to in the above lyrics by gospel singer Jonathan Nelson.

“In the midst of my shyness growing up, I dealt with low self-esteem,” Hollyfield told AFA Journal. “I didn’t fully know who I was in Christ, and that song ministered to me.”

It was her inspiration for choosing Victory as her radio name.

I know who I am
She began working at AFR in 2014 as a paid intern doing call screening for talk shows, audio editing, and voice tracking. She later became producer of Today’s Issues, Tim Wildmon’s daily talk show.

Eventually, AFR listeners got to know “Victory” as an on-air personality with her own show on both the AFR and Urban Family Communications networks.

In 2018, Victory, recently married, left AFR to drive a truck alongside her husband. However, the couple spent only three months on the road together. She had earlier been diagnosed with an incurable bowel disease and was ill for months, in and out of the hospital, and on various medications. Thus, driving a truck proved too hard on her health.

She returned to AFR in early 2019 and is assistant to AFA’s directors of special initiatives. No longer on the air, Victory has retired her radio name. She prefers to be called Mrs. Hollyfield anyway.

“Leave and cleave, baby!” Hollyfield said in her exuberant style.

God wrote it in His plan
Reflecting on the health challenges during her first employment at AFA, she now sees God’s plan more clearly. She recalls being desperate for relief and in search of a holistic doctor. She made a Facebook post, and Lamar Hollyfield, one of her AFR listeners, responded with a sincere eagerness to help her.

The two had communicated via social media prior to that Facebook post, but they had never met. His desire to help her led to more communication. Then to a movie. Then to three months of courtship and then marriage, making her a wife and a step-mom.

Hollyfield said her husband, a former atheist, had never heard the gospel before listening to AFR. “He got saved in 2010 while listening to a sermon by Paul Washer on AFR, then years later married a woman who works at AFR – me!” she exclaimed.

“The Lord knew to bring me to AFA,” she said.

It was here under the discipleship of Meeke Addison that the gospel of Jesus Christ really became alive and personal to Hollyfield, who had been raised according to the prosperity gospel. She was taught to see God as a genie. She was told everything should be good all the time, no trials.

Yet trials came her way through her varied health issues, including most recently a Meniere’s disease diagnosis. Having lost partial hearing in one ear and knowing she could eventually lose all her hearing, Hollyfield still declares with confidence: “I now know it’s about trusting the Lord in the journey and knowing that God orchestrates absolutely every single thing in our lives, and it is for His glory.

“I can honestly say I love God more outside the prosperity gospel than when I was in it and promised riches … and healing. … Yes, He heals, but His ultimate healing is heaven,” Hollyfield added. “The joy is Jesus,” and His name is victory!