One-pound baby goes home
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December 2019After more than three months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Finn James Hill was taken home by his parents, Chris and Jessica Hill of Lakeland, Florida. On May 21, Jessica went into labor unexpectedly and gave birth to Finn James Hill, who at 24 weeks gestation weighed only 18 ounces.

“Fighting Finn,” as the baby has been nicknamed, was considered a micro-preemie and had to be moved to Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando. Finn’s father said he had to be moved “because they needed a special breathing machine.”

It’s been a challenge, missing work and incurring significant health care-related costs, but Jessica Hill said, “When his entire hand fits around your fingernail, it makes you realize just how precious life is.”, 9/22/19;, 9/23/19