Pastor uses AFA Christmas buttons to spread gospel
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December 2019Bro. Jerry Lawson, pastor of Enon Presbyterian Church in Ackerman, Mississippi, is a long-time advocate for using AFA Christmas buttons as tools for evangelism. He orders in bulk and gives them away to church members, friends and strangers, and anyone he meets in his travels through the busy Christmas season.

“The AFA button is a great conversation starter,” Lawson told the AFA staff in daily devotions one morning. “It opens the door to share the gospel.”

Recently in a restaurant in another state, he spotted a lady wearing an AFA button. He paused to speak to her.

“I like your Christmas button,” he said. In response, she told him she receives many compliments and responses to it.

“Just yesterday,” she said, “I heard a Pastor Lawson talking about these buttons on American Family Radio!”

“Really?” he answered. “Well, here he is in person; I’m Jerry Lawson. Pleased to meet you.”

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