Abortion cited as top cause of death worldwide
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March 2019 – A recent Breitbart article by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D., reported that abortion was the number one cause of death around the globe in 2018. A theologian, author, and renowned lecturer, Williams teaches ethics at University of St. Thomas in Rome and was 2018 visiting research scholar at Notre Dame University.

According to a Worldometers clock, Williams wrote that abortion killed 41.9 million babies in 2018 — more than cancer, HIV/AIDS, smoking, alcohol, malaria, and traffic accidents combined.

Worldometers.info creates “real-time” clocks based on published numbers. The data collector has been voted one of the best free reference websites by the American Library Association. It keeps a running tally on many world issues and data on a wide range of subjects, everything from population to books published, automobiles produced, deaths caused by alcohol, money spent on illegal drugs, and more. 

breitbart.com, 12/31/18