UN says human rights include abortion, assisted suicide
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March 2019 – The Human Rights Committee of the United Nations adopted a new policy on October 20, 2018, during its International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Labeled “General Comment No. 36,” the policy requires that all states must not violate, but instead, protect the human rights of individuals seeking abortions or assisted suicide.

During a college law conference sponsored by Rome-based Lumsa University, Princeton professor Robert George and Lumsa professor Giuseppe Dalla Torre discussed the negative worldwide moral implications of this UN proclamation. As documented by Rome Reports TV News, both scholars agreed that such thinking is a direct result of cultural relativism and its lack of absolute good or evil.

Torre expressed fear that developing countries dependent on the UN for financial assistance might implement the new UN policy, creating further problems for distressed countries currently trying to save lives rather than lose them.

Professor George agreed: “I think it’s very important for people who see the truth of these matters and who understand how evil this move is toward recognizing abortion and euthanasia as human rights.”

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