AFA advances campaign on 13 Reasons Why
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October 2019More than two years after the 2017 debut of 13 Reasons Why, Netflix finally responded to concerns about the negative impact of the controversial suicide-themed series. Netflix deleted Season 1’s three-minute graphic teen suicide scene. Season 2 grappled with suicide, sexual assault, and other heavy topics.

At press time, Netflix had announced the release of Season 3 on August 23. Media reports say Season 3 will focus on the murder of a teenager. Netflix has also announced that Season 4 will be the series’ final season.

“Suicide, homicide, death, darkness, perversion, and despair still pervade this dangerous show,” said AFA president Tim Wildmon. “We still urge folks to speak up and demand that Netflix totally pull 13 Reasons Why from its streaming service.”

Find more information on Seasons 1 and 2 in the May and August 2018 issues of AFA Journal or visit Sign AFA’s petition at or call Netflix at 866-579-7172.