Tomorrow’s Proverbs 31 woman
Tomorrow’s Proverbs 31 woman
Hannah Harrison
Hannah Harrison
AFA Journal staff writer

December 2020“That girl, and that girl, and that girl,” the Lord told Yvonne Haskins. And with that, He began molding her to “prepare today’s girls to become tomorrow’s Proverbs 31 women.” Those words from the Lord now guide everything the Rubies Girls’ Club stands for.

God-ordained beginnings 
In 1999, Haskins was preparing for a hospitality event at her church. Her mission: Recruit five or six women to prepare a monthly fellowship meal. As she searched for volunteers, the Lord drew her to teenagers. 

Haskins knew this was more than just a hospitality and fellowship group. It was a calling. From that beginning, the Rubies Girls’ Club was formed in 2001. 

Nineteen years later, Haskins is continually imparting biblical wisdom into the hearts of over 1,000 girls.

“This began many years of wonderful experiences transforming these girls into awesome young Christian ladies,” said Haskins. “We sewed, cooked, served, had sleepovers, make-up parties, Bible studies, and many other things.”

Girl-focused ministry
With ages 8 to 18 in mind, Rubies’ goal is to raise a group of godly girls based on wisdom found in Proverbs 31.

“When reading through Proverbs 31:10-31, it is clear this wise woman was well equipped for any task she faced,” said Haskins. “In developing Rubies, we studied the many facets of this woman’s abilities and character traits, and found ways to teach our girls as many as possible.”

In each year-long series of fun-filled activities, the club equips young women to become confident Christian leaders. 

“Summer consists of six to eight weeks of camps,” said Haskins. “Meanwhile, I offer two to three Saturday classes each month and some two-day weekend classes during the year.”

Through the program, girls will learn many topics such as manners, honoring their parents, sewing, gardening, public speaking, Scripture memorization, leadership, and more. 

Haskins even includes an etiquette class titled, “How to Eat at the White House.” 

“One of them may be married someday to the president or a governor; you never know!” she exclaimed. 

On top of studying Scripture, these young ladies serve their community. 

“One year, we made 45 little dresses for girls and baby blankets for our local pregnancy center,” Haskins explained. 

Each activity reflects a Bible verse in Proverbs, and different seasons inspire varied activities. For example, in the fall, the club makes jam and juice and learns how to can. In the winter, they learn to make pies and gingerbread houses, and wrap gifts. In spring and summer, they experience summer camps and Princess Night.

Princess Night is an event based on Proverbs 31:31 – “Let her works be known at the city gate.” Each year, after participating in activities, girls are honored for their hard work. At this event, Rubies are awarded ruby stones to add to their sash, while working to obtain the most significant achievement award – the Rubies Crown. Before receiving these honors, girls must meet various requirements based on the related verses.

“My Rubies Girls’ Clubs program is designed for churches, homeschool groups, or moms to teach the skills of the Proverbs 31 woman in the Bible,” Haskins explained. “Our program follows the Titus 2 scripture where the older women teach the younger women.” 

Rubies does more than prepare today’s girls to become tomorrow’s Proverbs 31 women. It is a simple way to shine the light of Christ in the life of “that girl, and that girl, and that girl.”  

By Spring 2021, the Rubies Girls’ Clubs program will be made available to others. The program includes a box kit containing step-by-step instructions and everything needed to start a club.

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