AG Barr: assault on religious freedom is ‘organized destruction’
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Above photo: Shane T. McCoy / US Marshals,, no changes made

January-February 2020Last October, Attorney General William Barr (photo above) told an audience of Notre Dame law students the attack against U.S. religious freedoms “is not decay. It is organized destruction.”

Barr said progressives and friends in media, pop culture, academia, politics, and entertainment have an alliance to unleash “an unremitting assault on religion and traditional values.”

Washington Times writer Charles Hurt reported that the media responded to Barr’s speech by “squealing like a herd of mad swine racing for the lake.”

Hurt spotlighted more of the left’s ludicrous cultural stands: “The smorgasbord of gender options inspires snorts of laughter among serious people … [and] the infidels who are running higher education today … are, after all, the ones destroying America by poisoning the minds of children.”

He urged anyone who has not watched or heard the AG’s address to Google it – and pay attention to Barr’s warnings., 10/17/19