Kanye’s conversion sparks distribution of free Bibles
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January-February 2020On October 30, the American Bible Society announced in response to the conversion and newfound Christian message of Kanye West (photo above), former secular rapper, that it would send up to 1,000 free Bibles to anyone in the country who wanted to know more about Jesus Christ. The ministry soon had to increase its offer after receiving more than 6,000 requests for Bibles all around the world. The American Bible Society continued sending out free Bibles until late November.

“Our hope,” said John Farquhar Plake, the director of ministry intelligence at the American Bible Society, “is that these Bibles will allow Kanye fans to get to know the extraordinary person of Jesus, who inspires not just musicians, but millions of believers around the world.”

christianpost.com, 11/13/19