Focus on the Family to expand ALIVE presentations
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January-February 2019Billed as the largest pro-life event in New York City history, more than 20,000 people viewed Focus on the Family’s (FOTF) ALIVE from New York event on May 4, 2019. On the jumbotrons of Times Square, FOTF projected a live 4D ultrasound image, including the sound of the preborn third-trimester baby’s heartbeat.

Jim Daly, president of FOTF, believes the New York event was so impactful on viewers that they are planning to conduct ALIVE events in five more cities across the nation. Slated for Mother’s Day, May 9, 2020, in Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, and undetermined cities in California and Florida, Daly is certain the events will change hearts and minds “by showing the world that an unborn baby is viable and worthy of protection.”, 11/8/19