Pastors’ event on March calendar
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Photo above, Jan and Bert Harper

January-February 2020“The purpose of AFA’s ministry to pastors is to bless the local pastor and his family,” said Bert Harper. “We want to encourage pastors with information, resources, and events that can be helpful to them and their families.”

Harper is director of AFA’s marriage, family, and pastoral ministries. A full-time pastor for 40 years, Harper uses the website to offer a variety of resources for pastors.

He and his wife Jan host Fishbowl Retreats for pastors and their wives to provide fellowship, encouragement, rest – and a brief respite from their “fishbowl lives” back home. The next Fishbowl Retreat will occur March 31-April 2 at Pine Cove Camp in The Bluffs, Tyler, Texas.

Lodging, meals, and materials cost $400/couple. Learn more at the website above or call 800-326-4543 x300. Space is limited.