Texas lawmakers push to protect children from puberty blockers
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January-February 2020Dr. Anne Georgulas, a Texas pediatrician, reportedly diagnosed her seven-year-old son with gender dysphoria, assigned him the name “Luna,” enrolled him in kindergarten as a transgender girl, and planned to place him on puberty blockers against the will of his father.

After a jury decided against the father’s participation in decision-making, Family District Court Judge Kim Cooks overruled and awarded joint managing conservatorship on October 24. Less than two weeks later, the boy attended school for the first time dressed in boy’s attire.

The father, Jeffrey Younger, had argued in court that his son chose to wear boy’s clothes and use his legal name when not in his mother’s presence.

The story sparked national controversy, including an AFA sponsored petition in support of the father’s rights.

Research conducted by endocrinologist Dr. Michael Laidlaw of the Heritage Foundation revealed that children as young as eight are sometimes given opposite sex hormones.

Texas lawmakers are considering legislation that would qualify attempts to gender “transition” minors as child abuse. According to Rep. Steve Toth (R-TX), “upwards of 500 minors are being transitioned in Texas. We didn’t protect these children in the 86th [legislative session]. The wrath of Texans will be heard in the 87th.”

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