Newlywed police officers: self-sacrifice  in face of riot
Newlywed police officers: self-sacrifice in face of riot
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April 2021Michigan’s Grand Rapids police officers Cole Hoyer and Kelly Momber met in 2017, dated, and became engaged. The couple held a small, intimate wedding ceremony on May 30, 2020. Throughout the day, they and members of their wedding party received updates about protests in the city. A dangerous, full-scale riot broke out, and bridesmaids and groomsmen reported to work directly from the wedding, some of them still wearing their wedding attire.

The very next morning, 18 hours after their I-dos were said, the newlywed couple presented for duty, suited and booted to protect Grand Rapids citizens, businesses, and property. They both worked the entire week following their wedding.

The Grand Rapids Police Department (GRPD) posted on its social media the following day, “This type of sacrifice often goes unnoticed. It can be thankless work, but the call to serve never sleeps and it does not take time off. Cole and Kelly are the epitome of what a GRPD officer is, self-sacrifice and stepping up to serve the community when they are needed the most.”, 12/12/20