Retired colonel: Total U.S. reboot still possible
Retired colonel: Total U.S. reboot still possible
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June 2021“To set America back on the right road to righteousness,” wrote Col. Thomas B. McDonald III (Ret.) (photo, above), “we will need many millions of us Americans to come back to God, to put godly men and women into elected office at the national, state, and local levels.”

McDonald shared that hope in a recent commentary he sent to AFA president Tim Wildmon. Looking at the nation after World War II, the colonel cited a gradual but “dramatic falling away” from biblical morality that was the foundation of the U.S. He spotlighted U.S. Supreme Court rulings against prayer in schools, for legal abortion, and legalizing gay “marriage” as proofs of that falling away.

He urges a three-step solution to return the nation to biblical righteousness:

Pray fervently for God to destroy the immoral, profane, and evil in our land.
Speak winsomely but forcefully in public against political immorality.
Share the grace of the good news of Jesus Christ.

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“America! A total reboot is possible,”
unpublished article, 3/21